Chit Chat Interview (English version)

Chit Chat, interview (English Version)


 Chit Chat is a band from Ann Arbor. Their EP out on PRTYNGG  is one of 2013 good surprises. If, like me, you wanna know more about them. Here's an itw with Izzy their singer/guitarist (Thanks to her!)

MNKK:  What is the current line up? Do you always share the vocals?

Chit Chat:  Izzy Johnson - guitar , vocals,  Nick Melody - guitar , vocals,  Kevin Mckay - drums , and we added Joel Parkilla on bass a few months ago . Nick will usually play a couple of his songs during our set, we would like to put more vocals on our new recordings .

MNKK:  You look young, Is Chit Chat your first band?

Chit Chat: Me, Nick and Joel are 24 and Kevin is 26 . I've known Nick and Kevin since i was 11 , we grew up in the same town just north of Ann Arbor,  and Nick and Joel knew each other since they were babies. I played bass in this Detroit based punk band for a summer while i was in college but wanted to start my own project with friends. I've been seeing Kevin's solo / other projects since i was 17, He does like minimal drone noise stuff which is cool to zone out to . This is Nicks first band and Joel has been playing around for awhile in different solo and group projects .

MNKK:  Has the name of your band a particular signification?

Chit Chat: We just decided to name the band chit chat after a song i wrote . We were stumped on what to choose but then realized we had a name the whole time , It sounded alright to us .

MNKK:   For any R'n'R Fan, Ann Arbor is the hometown of the Stooges, How does it feel to play there?

Chit Chat: It's a "real cool time". We really like Ann Arbor , And it rules to play for our friends in the town we live in . People seem to be into it and we're trying to bring some positive vibes out .  The old MC5 house is now a cooperative living space that has a festival each summer called Lutherfest, we got to play there and it was a good time.

MNKK:  Your music shows a Surf instrumental influence (Attitude, Jelly) and the guitar approach reminds me Link Wray or The Cramps, Is that conscious? What are your other influences?

Chit Chat: It's not really a conscious effort, we all listen to tons of music and it's all influences us in one way or another. Bands who made positive changes and hold onto their integrity is always something to look up to.

MNKK:  The Ep and The Demo were recorded at the same studio by Jules Nehring of Bad Indians, but the sound is more tuff on the Ep, with an incredible guitar wall.  The compos are also more elaborate and less unstructured. Does it correspond to the band evolution?

Chit Chat: Totally constant evolution . The demo tape were some of the first songs I had ever written. We're definitely growing as musicians and bandmates. Our sound has gotten heavier since we added bass , I like where it's going .

MNKK:    Is the EP also available in vinyl? How to get it?

Chit Chat: Yeah the recordings are on vinyl , on the PRTYNGG label out of Detroit .

MNKK:  Is there an important independent  scene in  Ann Arbor?  Which bands are you playing with?

Chit Chat: The scene in Ann Arbor is pretty cool it seems like more rock and roll bands are getting together these days. People come out and support local music and most of us hang out and jam together in different projects. Bad Indians and K9 Sniffies [a punk band that realized single out on Urinal Cake Records!]  are always real cool to play with.

MNKK:  What are your projects for 2013?

Chit Chat:  We're getting some recordings done the first weekend in march out in Detroit with Chris Koltay [High Bia Recordings] , very stoked . We'll probably put out another 45 and maybe a split with another local band. I really just wanna continue making music with my buddies and hopefully get a full length out this year. 

Cool video by Christine Hucal

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